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IB Extended Essay Subjects: The Hardest and Easiest Areas to Opt For

ib extended essay subjects

IB Extended essay is a rite of passage for many high school students, marking their final academic hurdle before entering the wide and wacky world of adulthood. While the essay can be a daunting task for any student, some IB EE subjects are considered more challenging than others. 

Choosing the right IB subject area is a crucial decision for high school students, as it can have a significant impact on their future academic and career paths. Selecting a subject that aligns with their interests and strengths can increase their motivation and engagement, leading to better academic performance and personal growth. 

Furthermore, choosing an extended essay subject relevant to their future career goals can give students a competitive advantage when applying to universities or jobs. 

In addition, selecting the right IB subject can also help students develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication, which are valuable assets in any profession. 

Ultimately, selecting the right IB subject is a personal decision that requires careful consideration of the student’s interests, abilities, and aspirations. 

Students need to explore their options, seek guidance from their teachers and counselors, and make informed decisions that will set them up for success in the future.

List of IB Extended Essay Subjects

In this article, we will primarily focus on the easiest and most complex subjects, but we can’t start without providing you with the whole list of IB extended essay subjects:

  1. Biology (more details on this subject)
  2. Chemistry (more about this subject)
  3. Physics (more about this subject)
  4. Computer Science (more about this subject)
  5. Mathematics (more about this subject)
  6. History (more about this subject)
  7. Business and Management (more about this subject)
  8. Economics (more about this subject)
  9. Geography (more about this subject)
  10. Psychology (more about this subject)
  11. Anthropology (more about this subject)
  12. Philosophy (more about this subject)
  13. Music (more about this subject)
  14. Visual Arts (more about this subject)
  15. Film Studies (more about this subject)
  16. Theatre Studies (more about this subject)
  17. World Religions
  18. Environmental Systems and Societies

This is the list of subjects to select while working on your IB EE.

Disclaimer: As an IB tutor, I have to highlight that the availability of subjects may vary depending on the school and region. Therefore, students need to consult with their IB coordinator or academic advisor to determine which subjects are available at their school.

So, which subjects are the hardest and easiest? Let’s figure it out.

What is The Hardest Extended Essay Subject?

Let’s start with the tough stuff. Chemistry, mathematics, physics, and history are commonly considered the most challenging subjects for an extended essay. 

hardest ee subjects

Why? Because numerous IB students complain on Reddit and other niche forums stating that these exact subjects are the most difficult compared to others.

With chemistry, students must tackle complex concepts and scientific knowledge, requiring a sharp analytical mind to make sense of it all. 

Mathematics is another tough nut to crack, with advanced theories, formulas, and equations that can stump even the brightest minds. 

Physics combines scientific theory with mathematical calculations, making it an especially challenging subject for students to master. 

Finally, history requires the student to delve deep into the past, analyzing primary and secondary sources, and drawing critical conclusions from their research.

Easiest EE Subjects

On the other hand, some subjects are considered a little easier to tackle. For example, English, visual arts, psychology, and business and management are popular choices for an extended essay because they allow for a more subjective approach to research. 

easiest ee subject

Yes, those IB students who were lucky enough to select these subjects are saying that it was one of their life’s most important and correct decisions. 

With English, students can dive into the world of literature, analyzing themes, and characters in novels, plays, and poems. 

Visual arts students have the freedom to create art and analyze it, which can be both fun and liberating. 

Psychology is a fascinating subject that explores human behavior and emotions, allowing students to dive into the workings of the human mind. 

Business and management is an evergreen topic that can be applied to many aspects of modern life, making it a relevant and interesting subject for many students.

So, What is The Best Subject for an Extended essay?

Unfortunately, or luckily, there are no good or bad subjects. You are the only person who knows which subject is right or wrong for your IB EE.

Regardless of which subject a student chooses, the extended essay is a challenging and rewarding experience that tests their critical thinking, research, and writing skills. It’s an opportunity for IB students to explore a topic they’re passionate about, push themselves to the limit, and emerge victorious on the other side. 

Yes, choosing the right IB subject is one of the most important decisions a high school student can make, as it can shape their future academic and career opportunities. 

By selecting a subject that aligns with their interests, passions, and career aspirations, students can increase their motivation and engagement, leading to better academic performance and personal growth. 

Ready to Select IB Extended Essay Subject?

IB Diploma Program offers a broad range of subjects that cater to different learning styles and career paths, allowing students to explore their options and find their niche. 

It’s important for students to approach this decision with careful consideration, seeking guidance from their teachers, counselors, and peers, and exploring their options before making a final decision. 

By choosing the right IB subject, students can develop important skills, broaden their perspectives, and prepare themselves for a successful and fulfilling future. This will almost guarantee that student will not fail his IB extended essay in the future.

IMPORTANT! You will need to select a research question for your extended essay according to your subject, and it will be another tricky turn. Still, if you are sure which subject suits you better, it will be easier for you to invent a good IB EE topic afterward.

Need help with your IB EE?

You can also use our extended essay writers team’s services if you need assistance selecting a topic. Furthermore, we can also help you write your extended essay from scratch or edit your draft following the IB criteria.

So, whether a student chooses a difficult subject or an easy one, they should be proud of themselves for taking on the challenge and seeing it through to the end.

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