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Should I Select Anthropology Extended Essay Subject?

anthropology extended essay

Hello! Having been an IB tutor and now a writer with considerable experience, I am thrilled to introduce you to the riveting world of Anthropology extended essay subject. 

This discipline, a labyrinth of human cultures and societies, has the unique power to captivate, surprise, and enlighten us. 

If you’re thinking about your IB extended essay and wondering “is anthropology extended essay hard?”, allow me to walk you through why anthropology could be the perfect subject for you.

Decoding Anthropology

First off, let me tell you, anthropology is not just a study of ancient bones or remote tribes. It’s a comprehensive look at humans in all our complexity. 

It’s all about understanding our cultures, languages, biology, and history. 

As a tutor, I’ve often found that students who choose an anthropology extended essay topic are intrigued by the questions: 

  • What makes us human? 
  • How do we differ and why? 

If these questions pique your interest, then you’re on the right track.

Exploring the Many Facets of Anthropology

Now let’s move to the first part, where I’ll focus on the most common and exciting aspects of anthropology as an extended essay subject.

Anthropology and Culture

Somehow similar to Geography extended essay subject, Anthropology throws open the doors to a cornucopia of cultures. From the nomadic tribes of Mongolia to the vibrant communities of the Brazilian rainforest, the breadth and depth of human cultures you can explore are simply astounding. 

In my opinion, one of the joys of an anthropology extended essay is this opportunity to immerse oneself in a culture different from one’s own and unearth its unique customs, rituals, and ways of life.

Anthropology and Evolution

For those with a penchant for history and biology, anthropology allows you to trace the threads of human evolution. 

You get the chance to delve into our biological roots, exploring how we evolved from our hominid ancestors, how we developed the ability to walk upright, use tools, or even how we came to acquire language. 

Such topics can make for an engaging and illuminating extended essay.

Anthropology and Language

As we all know, language is a cornerstone of human society. But have you ever wondered about the diversity of languages in the world? Or how language shapes our thought processes? 

Anthropology gives you the tools to decipher these codes of communication, offering fascinating insights into human cognition and society.

Anthropology and Archaeology

With anthropology, you can tap into the enigmatic world of archaeology. Exploring the remnants of lost civilizations, decoding ancient scripts, or studying the societal structures of our predecessors – these are just a few of the fascinating routes your extended essay can take. 

As an IB writer, I’ve seen students turn archaeological mysteries into captivating essays.

The Practical Side

Selecting anthropology for your IB extended essay is more than just an academic exercise. It’s a practical journey where you develop valuable skills. 

From planning and conducting fieldwork to mastering research methodologies, your ability to gather and interpret data will take a quantum leap. 

As a tutor, I’ve seen how these skills help students in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Anthropology Extended Essay

Anthropology Extended Essay

Indeed, the anthropology extended essay might be a challenge, but it’s an intellectual adventure well worth undertaking. 

By analyzing different societies, languages, or evolutionary paths, you answer the question, “What makes us human?” and discover our species’ richness and diversity.

Is Anthropology for You?

So, who is the best candidate for an anthropology extended essay? If you’re inherently curious about the human condition, intrigued by cultural diversity, or fascinated by our evolutionary history, then anthropology could well be your ideal choice.

Anthropology, Extended Essays, and You

Yes, anthropology is an exciting and multifaceted discipline that offers countless avenues for exploration. 

Whether you’re captivated by cultural practices, the evolution of our species, or the complexities of language, there is a world waiting to be explored through an anthropology extended essay.

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Whether you’re grappling with topic selection or seeking assistance with writing your extended essay, we’re here to help. The world of anthropology awaits you. 

Happy researching!

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