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Extended Essay Topics Economics

extended essay topics economics

Economics is a crucial social science that examines the distribution of resources and value within society. It has a wide-reaching influence on nearly all aspects of daily life and can be utilized to improve modern society. 

With a vast array of subfields and areas of focus, selecting a relevant and engaging topic for an economics essay can be challenging. However, we are here to assist in the selection process.

Tips for Choosing Interesting Economics Topics

Here are a few tips to help you choose an interesting and engaging economics topic for your essay:

Consider your interests: Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in, as this will make researching and writing your essay more enjoyable.

Look for current events: Economic issues are constantly changing, so consider selecting a topic that is currently relevant and in the news.

Be specific: Instead of choosing a general topic like “economic growth”, focus on a more specific aspect of it, such as “The impact of automation on economic growth.”

Consider different perspectives: Economic theories and policies often have multiple viewpoints. Try to find a topic that allows you to explore different perspectives.

Use a variety of sources: When researching your topic, make sure to consult a variety of sources to get a well-rounded view of your topic.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Your instructor or professor may have some great suggestions for topics or even better, ideas of a good direction for your research

Narrow down your field: Try to focus your area of research, the more you narrow it down, the more you’ll have to say about it.

Consider cross-disciplinary approaches: In some cases, it can be interesting to look at the same topic from different disciplines.

Keep in mind that there is a wealth of information and resources available, so take some time to explore and find a topic that aligns with your interests and skills.

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List of Economics Essay Topics

An extended essay in economics is a research paper that provides an in-depth analysis of a specific economic topic. Here are a few examples of extended essay topics in economics that you might consider:

  1. The impact of monetary policy on inflation in a specific country.
  2. The economic effects of international trade agreements.
  3. The role of technology in economic growth and development.
  4. The relationship between income inequality and economic growth.
  5. The effects of government spending on economic output.
  6. The impact of natural resources on economic development in a specific region.
  7. The determinants of foreign direct investment in a developing country.
  8. The comparison of different economic systems and their effectiveness.
  9. The impact of the changing demographics on the labor market and social security systems.
  10. Impact of automation and artificial intelligence on employment and productivity.
  11. An analysis of the factors affecting housing prices in a specific city or region.
  12. The impact of taxes on small business growth and economic development.
  13. The effects of climate change on agriculture and food security.
  14. The role of education in economic development and growth.
  15. The determinants of consumer spending and savings behavior.
  16. An examination of the causes and consequences of currency fluctuations.
  17. The impact of immigration on labor markets and wages.
  18. The effects of government regulations on economic growth and productivity.
  19. The impact of globalization on income inequality.
  20. Analysis of the consequences of the debt on economic growth.

These topics are just a starting point, and you should work to narrow and focus your topic to make it more specific and unique. Also, your research should also be focused on your specific countries and take into account recent data and information while you keep it as up-to-date as possible. Also, it’s a good idea to try to find a topic that is interesting to you and that you have some background knowledge about. This will make the research and writing process more enjoyable and help you produce a more engaging and well-written essay.

To apply these economics extended essay topics to your essays, you should start by thoroughly researching the topic and gathering relevant information from a variety of sources. Here are a few steps to help guide your research and writing process:

Understand the assignment: Make sure you have a clear understanding of the assignment and the expectations of your instructor or professor.

Research: Gather information from various sources, including books, journal articles, newspapers, and reputable websites. Be sure to use a variety of sources to get a well-rounded view of your topic.

Analyze and interpret: Once you have gathered information, analyze and interpret the data to determine the key points and insights relevant to your topic.

Create a thesis statement: Use the information and insights gained from your research to create a clear and concise thesis statement that outlines the main argument or point you will be making in your essay.

Organize your essay: Organize your essay into clear and logical sections, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Make sure each section flows smoothly and supports your thesis statement.

Use evidence to support your argument: Use the information and evidence gathered from your research to support your argument and provide examples to illustrate your points.

Cite your sources: Make sure to properly cite your sources according to the style guide required by your instructor or professor.

Revise and edit: Before submitting your essay, make sure to carefully review and edit your work to ensure that it is well-written and free of errors.

By following these steps, you will be able to effectively apply the topic to your essay and produce an essay that is well-researched, well-written, and well-argued.

Select your Economics EE research questions wisely

In conclusion, selecting an interesting and relevant topic is an essential first step in writing a successful economics extended essay. By choosing a topic that aligns with your interests and skills and utilizing a variety of sources to gather information, you can create an essay that is well-researched, well-written, and well-argued. However, writing a great essay also requires an understanding of the assignment, the use of evidence, and proper citation.

It’s also worth noting that one way for students to increase their chances of success in their essays is by seeking help from an essay writing service. A professional essay writing service can provide guidance and support in the research and writing process, helping students to produce a high-quality essay that meets the requirements and expectations of the assignment. The professional essay writer could help students in organizing their thoughts, drafting a proper structure, and implementing the needed research. They also can review and edit the final essay to ensure that it is free of errors and presents a strong argument.

In short, a well-structured, well-researched, and well-written essay is the key to success in economics, and utilizing a professional essay writing service is a viable option for students to help them achieve their academic goals.

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