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Why Select the Visual Arts Extended Essay?

visual arts extended essay

In my years as an IB tutor and now as an IB writer, I’ve seen an array of extended essay subjects chosen by students. One that stands out for its creativity and depth is the visual arts extended essay. 

To dive into visual arts for your extended essay is to explore the depths of human expression, culture, and history in their most tangible form. 

In my opinion, it’s a unique experience that’s as enlightening as it is enriching.

As I understand from the general IB criteria, an extended essay in visual arts involves an in-depth exploration of an art form, artist, or art movement. This may involve critical analysis of artworks, contextual studies, or even exploration of art theory. 

If you’re interested in expressing ideas through visual mediums or have a penchant for understanding cultural and historical narratives through art, the visual arts extended essay would be an ideal platform for you.

Let’s elaborate further on why choosing visual arts could be a rewarding experience.

Why Choose Visual Arts?

The domain of visual arts is vast and varied, ranging from painting, sculpture, and photography to digital art, installations, and more. Each of these arenas holds the potential for a richly rewarding extended essay topic

For instance, a student interested in digital art could delve into its evolution and impact on contemporary society. Another student fascinated by Renaissance art could analyze how it reflects the socio-political contexts of the era.

The beauty of the visual arts extended essay lies in its versatility. It allows you to integrate your creative instincts with your critical thinking abilities. 

By analyzing an artwork, you’re appreciating its aesthetic appeal and understanding the ideas, emotions, and cultural narratives it encapsulates. 

Thus, in my experience, visual arts extended essay promotes a unique blend of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural understanding.

Is Visual Arts Extended Essay Hard?

One common question I encounter is, “Is visual arts extended essay hard?” I usually respond that any extended essay can be challenging, but it ultimately depends on your interest and engagement with the subject.

The challenges you face in a visual arts extended essay will differ from those in a biology or history extended essay.

Visual arts extended essay might require you to develop a keen eye for visual detail, understand the context of artworks, and create well-structured arguments about their meaning and impact. 

However, these challenges can turn into interesting intellectual exercises with the right approach and guidance. For instance, while analyzing an artwork, you can approach it from various perspectives – formalist, feminist, Marxist, psychoanalytical – each providing unique insights into the artwork.

One of my students who chose visual arts for her extended essay analyzed Frida Kahlo’s paintings from a feminist perspective. She not only developed a profound understanding of Kahlo’s life and art but also honed her skills in feminist critique, which she later applied to her undergraduate studies in Gender Studies. 

Thus, the challenges in visual arts extended essay can often open doors to new learnings and skills.

Future Perspectives with Visual Arts

Choosing visual arts for your IB extended essay could also be a stepping stone to diverse future paths. It’s not just for those aspiring to pursue arts or design in their higher studies. The skills and knowledge you gain from a visual arts extended essay can be beneficial in any field that values creativity, critical thinking, and an understanding of cultural narratives.

why select visual arts extended essay

To give you a real-life example, one of my previous students who did his extended essay on the influence of Japanese art on Impressionism is now a successful marketer. He often remarks how his experience in visual analysis helps him understand consumer behavior and design appealing marketing strategies.

So, if you’re intrigued by visual expression and wish to hone your analytical skills, the visual arts extended essay could offer great value for your future endeavors.

Who Should Choose Visual Arts Extended Essay?

The beauty of an extended essay in visual arts is that it isn’t confined to a specific type of student or interest. Nevertheless, some certain attributes and interests could make the experience more engaging for you. 

So, who might be the ideal candidate for a visual arts extended essay?

I believe a student with a keen interest in visual culture, someone who finds joy in analyzing images or artworks, could find the visual arts extended essay intriguing. It’s for the students who appreciate the diverse ways in which ideas, emotions, and narratives can be expressed visually.

Also, if you enjoy critical thinking and love delving into detailed research, you’ll relish the challenge of an extended essay in this field. Let’s say you’re interested in how socio-political events influence art, or you’re fascinated by the evolution of a particular art movement – the visual arts extended essay allows you to explore these topics in-depth.

Students who find satisfaction in bringing together their own ideas, supported by rigorous research and informed analysis, would thrive in the visual arts extended essay process. It’s about being open to seeing beyond the surface and discovering the underlying ideas.

For example, I once guided a student deeply interested in street art. She decided to write her extended essay on the influence of street art in political movements. This wasn’t merely a process of documenting various art pieces. She delved into the cultural and political context of the art, analyzing how artists used visual elements to express their ideologies.

But remember, even if you’re not a typical ‘arts’ student, this subject could surprise you. As long as you’re curious and willing to delve deep into your chosen topic, the visual arts extended essay can be a fulfilling academic endeavor. 

After all, art is a mirror to our society – it reflects who we are, what we believe, and how we evolve. Analyzing that can be a deeply enriching experience, regardless of your chosen career path.

Concluding Thoughts: The Unraveled Tapestry of Art

To sum it up, selecting visual arts for your extended essay is a decision worth considering. The field offers a vast canvas of exploration, from analyzing individual artworks to understanding global art movements. 

It cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and a nuanced understanding of cultural narratives.

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So, be bold in your choice and enjoy the richly rewarding journey of a visual arts extended essay. Best of luck!

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