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Students around the world are taking the International Baccalaureate diploma for a single goal, to have a great future as students and professionals. However, studying and preparing for writing an IB extended essay is no walk in the park. Time and time again, students face major obstacles, which leads to them not being able to achieve their desired marks in all the IB exams. What happens then? Frustration, disappointment, and many such feelings cloud a student’s mind. That is why we, as extended essay writers want to make a student’s life easier by providing the best IB extended essay writing services online.

There are many elements and study milestones that a student has to achieve before they excel in their finals. How does one juggle extracurriculars, college exams, and personal life with writing the IB extended essay? The current education system has only made it difficult for the students to have a fulfilling life where they can allocate their time to everything they love, including their hobbies. Now it is a rat race where a student has to give in 40 hours per week or more in order to stand out in the class.

As EE writers, we plan to change this for the youth and give them the flexibility to focus on their passions and whatever they love doing instead of stressing about their IB EEs.

What is An Extended Essay?

Those new to the IB should know that the extended essay is not an easy task. It is a mandatory requirement, and one must complete the essay before they secure their Diploma. The essay is one of the most complex essays in the world, and most students, including the international ones, find it very difficult to excel in it.

When a student is writing this paper, there are many requirements they should have in mind and must comply with. The worst happens is when they are not aware of all the requirements, which leads to them failing the IBDP or attempting a paper with below-average knowledge. This could affect their overall ranking in the Diploma and cause them trouble in the future.

Aspects of the IB Extended Essay Writing

There are many aspects to the extended essay, and as writers, we ensure that we deliver a top-quality extended essay to you. Our IB extended essay writers have produced a list of key features for students to be aware of the challenges.

  • The extended essay is assessed by external bodies who are not related to your school. Hence impressing them is a hard game; we help our client students to stand out in 1000 students with a well-written essay.
  • Students must achieve at least a D grade to secure the Diploma. However, our extended writers don’t commit less than a B (we want to be honest with you, there were only six situations when our clients have gotten C).
  • The extended essay will help you for your university exam and other educational routes after the IB program. Our qualified writers ensure each one of our client-student is prepared for tomorrow.
  • The extended essay is a research paper; the student and supervisor choose the topic. However, If you are still not happy with your topic, our EE writers will help you select one.

Things to Note Before Writing the Extended Essay

There are many things a student has to keep in mind before attempting the extended essay.

1️⃣The extended essay is 4000 words essay that you write about a particular topic of your choosing.
2️⃣Many students opt for subjects like history or literature. However, as extended essay writers, we advise all our client-students to choose a topic that they are passionate about.
3️⃣The essay must be very well written, backed by research, must use proper vocabulary, have the right sentence structure, and be a comprehensive essay diploma.
4️⃣Many IB students are not aware that the extended essay has a weightage of one-third on your overall diploma grade, which adversely affects them and their future.

There are a range of IB subjects you can write about, including:

  • Biology 🧬
  • Chemistry 👩‍🔬
  • Economics 👨‍💻
  • Film 📹
  • Global Politics 👨‍💼
  • History ⌛️
  • Language and Literature 👅
  • Mathematics 📈
  • Music 🎼
  • Physics 🏐
  • Theatre 🎭
  • Visual Art 🎨
  • World Studies 🌎

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Our Team of IB EE Writers

Our team of IB EE writers is like no other; they are experts in what they do and have been doing it for a long time. At ExtendedEssayWriters.com, we don’t hire just any writer. Still, our recruitment process is stringent, and each applicant writer has to meet experience and qualification requirements.

  • We ensure that each of us has been an alumnus of the IB diploma, which allows us to maintain the quality of our IB EEs.
  • ExtendedEssayWriters.com ensures that our writers have extensive experience writing the IB extended essays.
  • We are a versatile team from many different cultural backgrounds.
  • If you buy an extended essay, our expert writers ensure that customers come first, and we do everything to keep you happy.
  • Our teams have knowledge of all subjects and can write on a myriad of topics.
  • We also assist our client-student in preparing for oral presentations.
  • Some of our writers are experts in proofreading; hence, if there are students who would like to get their extended essays edited, we will be available for assistance.
  • The grading of the IB extended essay is tricky. Still, our client-students get ahead in the game because we understand the nitty-gritty of the grading system.

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Can I Pay Someone to Write my Extended Essay?

In short, yes, you can pay us to write your extended essay. Our services are customer-focused, and we have been in the business of writing IB essays for decades. Our enterprise is like no other, and this platform is made to help students worldwide, including in the USA and Canada, excel in their student careers. They can only do this by letting a professional IB writer tackle their extended essays.

Let go of all your worries and contact us right away; we will ensure that you pass your extended essay right away if you buy extended essay from our company.

The most popular questions regarding our IB extended essay writing service

Yes, our extended essay writers do not use already submitted work to draft your extended essay; hence they are required to write from scratch on a new topic following the instructions provided from your side.

Your information with us is strictly confidential, and the materials we will produce for you will remain your property. ExtendedEssayWriters.com never shares any information with third parties.

Yes, we do; our IB EE writers are also proofreaders and can assist you in editing work. Furthermore, we offer free revision in case you want to change something in your final draft.

It takes about 40-50 hours to complete an extended essay. But we suggest you providing us with at least 5 days to complete the task, so that the writer can complete the research accordingly.

We will quote you a fee depending upon your requirement. You can use our order form to calculate the price for your extended essay or other IB assignments.

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Writing an EE yourself is never an easy job, especially when a student is busy with other assignments and extracurricular activities. Moreover, the exams themselves are very stressful and tricky to pass; hence it is better that one does not attempt the paper themselves as this can adversely affect your career opportunities in the future.

Our expert IB writers can help you achieve your professional goals by excelling in the extended essay and all the while giving you enough time and space to finish other academic challenges.

There are many reasons why you should opt for our IB services.

No Plagiarism Fears 👌

There are many IB writing services online, and all claim to deliver you flawless work; however, when the essays are submitted, they are flagged for plagiarism costing your entire academic year. Our services are designed to give our client-student plagiarism-free content. As an additional option, we can provide a PDF report showing plagiarism scores to ensure that our students remain stress-free about the work we will submit.

Great Team 👍

We have an exceptional IB team with years of experience in writing extended essays 🤙

We take pride in our client’s achievements as all of them are now IV league graduates or working in top firms. Furthermore, our recruitment process is stringent, allowing only writers to excel who have strong knowledge and background in the IB curriculum.

Our writers are the reason for our business success. We help thousands of IB students to excel in their IB-related papers. Our writers are pioneers in producing quality extended essays enabling our students to achieve top grades.

There are several reasons to seek assistance with your extended essays.

  • Students have myriad responsibilities during their academic careers, and an IB extended essay takes up most of their time.
  • Extended essays are complex and are written in a very comprehensive way. Not many students are aware of how to structure their essays.
  • A lot of research work is needed to write an extended essay; students may not use accurate information in their essays, which might result in a bad grade. Our writers guarantee good quality work and ensure that our client-student remain satisfied with the work that we produce.
  • Students should take professional help because this will ensure that they do not have to compromise on getting admission to their preferred universities, which could define their professional lives.

Why Hire Our Extended Essay Writers?

Many students ask their friends the famous question, “write an extended essay for me,” but this won’t work well because your friend might not work hard to produce a quality extended essay on your behalf. You will be left with a grade that will leave you no choice but to settle for substandard universities and career choices.

Hence you must get our services!

  • We provide extended essays before your submission deadline;
  • Extendedessaywriters.com ensures that we keep you in the loop 24/7;
  • We will sit with you and discuss your aims to do an IB diploma;
  • Our writers are very flexible; hence we can change our writing styles if the client student is not appreciative;
  • Our teams have years of expertise in writing the IB Diploma extended essay;
  • A separate account manager will be assigned to you who you can contact anytime.

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