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Why Opt for Geography Extended Essay?

geography extended essay

Ah, geography! It’s a subject that has fascinated me for years. When I think of geography, my heart races with excitement. It’s such a multifaceted subject that encompasses a multitude of perspectives. 

In my opinion, geography is like a beautifully woven tapestry, with threads representing various natural phenomena and human cultures interlacing to create a vivid picture of our Earth. 

Now, let’s talk about the pressing question: “Why select geography for IB EE?” Let’s go.

Geography: The Intersection of Earth and Human Activity

As I’ve seen from my extensive experience, selecting the geography subject for your extended essay is like opening a box of infinite possibilities. 

Geography is not just about maps and mountains; it’s about people, cultures, and the dynamic processes that shape the world we live in. It examines how human societies interact with their environments and the resulting impact

When you’re doing a geography extended essay, you get to pick apart these intricate interactions. It will give you an understanding of the broader world that no other subject could match.

The Essence of Geography

Diving into physical geography, I was astonished at how much there is to learn about our planet. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the scorching sands of the Sahara, the Earth is brimming with natural wonders. 

One should pick a topic for their geography extended essay. For example, you can study the impact of river systems on surrounding ecosystems. Yeah, it’s a good choice. Why? I was captivated by how rivers can both give life and, at times, take it away through flooding.

The Human Tapestry: Understanding Cultures and Societies

Now, on the flip side, human geography is an incredible field too. It allows you to look into various cultures and societies. 

For example, as I know from general IB criteria, an investigation into the changing demographics of a city over time can reveal volumes about social and economic changes. The marriage between data and human stories can be tremendously insightful.

Why Choose Geography for Your Extended Essay?

Let me address a common question, “Is geography extended essay hard?” From my own personal experience, I can attest that it’s a challenge worth embracing. Geography, my friends, is a treasure chest of intriguing topics waiting for you to explore.

geography extended essay

The sheer scope of topics in geography is mind-boggling. Imagine delving into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and their relationship with the land they inhabited. Or how about becoming an environmental crusader, examining the delicate balance of ecosystems and the conservation methods that can save them?

In my opinion, the true beauty of selecting geography for your extended essay is the liberty to tailor your research according to your passion. You can also combine aspects! For instance, I was enamored with environmental conservation. 

However, I didn’t just stop there; I integrated aspects of social science to understand how conservation can benefit societies. My research was rewarding and a turning point in how I perceive our planet and its inhabitants.

And let’s not forget about urban planning, which is another fantastic area. Cities are like living organisms, continuously evolving, and you can analyze the factors that contribute to this change.

The Real World Connection

This brings me to the real-world applications of geography. Honestly, this is where geography transcends the academic realm and becomes a lens through which you perceive the world.

Take, for instance, geopolitical conflicts. After understanding regions’ geography, you can start comprehending the underlying factors contributing to global tensions. Is it competition for natural resources? 

Maybe it’s historical border disputes? You’ll begin to see the patterns.

Then there’s the ever-pressing issue of climate change. By selecting geography for your extended essay, you can analyze the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. You can study how climate change is affecting migration patterns or how sea-level rise is threatening coastal communities. 

These are urgent matters, and by studying them, you’re not just writing an essay; you’re contributing to a global dialogue.

As someone who has walked this path, I can tell you that the depth and breadth of geography as a subject for your extended essay are unparalleled. You’ll gain insights and develop skills that will prove invaluable, not just academically, but in understanding the complexities of the world we live in.

Ready to Write Your Geography Extended Essay?

To sum it up, I wholeheartedly believe that selecting geography for your extended essay is a decision you won’t regret. The mesmerizing diversity of topics and the ability to unravel the threads that weave our world together make it an unparalleled academic endeavor. My dear friends, be audacious and seize this golden opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject that will arm you with an arsenal of knowledge and insights that extend far beyond the classroom.

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Onward to enlightenment! Happy researching!

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