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Why Write a Music Extended Essay? Expert Thoughts

music extended essay

As an experienced IB tutor and writer here at Extended Essay Writers, I often get asked, “Why select music for an IB extended essay?” Well, let’s start with the fact that music is universal. It’s a language that transcends borders, races, and cultures. It’s an essential part of human existence and an area of study that can be both profoundly personal and deeply universal.

If you’re someone who finds joy in melodies, rhythms, and harmonies, if you’re intrigued by the stories songs tell and the emotions they evoke, then a music extended essay might be the perfect choice for you. 

Let’s delve deeper into why you might want to choose music as your extended essay subject, the potential challenges, and the fantastic skills you can gain from this experience.

And remember, I’m here to provide insights, not to take you on an odyssey.

The Universality and Complexity of Music

In my experience as a tutor, I’ve come across students who have written music extended essays that beautifully showcase the universality of music. 

For example, one of my students conducted an in-depth comparison of folk music traditions in Ireland and India for their extended essay. They demonstrated how these two vastly different cultures, geographically and historically, share common themes of love, nature, and struggle in their music. 

This exploration into the global language of music made them appreciate the common threads of humanity that run through diverse cultures.

However, music isn’t just a tool for cross-cultural understanding; it’s also a subject of complex study. Another student of mine, a fan of Beethoven, decided to delve into the theory behind the famous Moonlight Sonata. 

They investigated the intricate use of harmony, rhythm, and melody, gaining an understanding of how Beethoven conveyed powerful emotions through his composition. But their research continued beyond the technicalities. 

They explored the historical context of the composition, illuminating the circumstances under which Beethoven created this masterpiece. Their work showed how the depth and complexity of music go beyond mere enjoyment to encompass rich intellectual exploration.

Is Music Extended Essay Hard?

During my time as an IB tutor, I’ve encountered a range of responses to the question, “Is a music extended essay hard?” Indeed, it can seem daunting. 

For instance, a student once embarked on an essay about the influence of African music on American jazz. The challenge lay not just in tracing these complex influences but also in understanding music theory well enough to articulate them clearly.

However, the difficulty of the task turned into a rewarding learning experience. The student gained a nuanced understanding of African and American music through rigorous research. They became adept at explaining intricate musical connections. 

By facing the challenges head-on, they acquired a depth of knowledge and a set of skills that extended well beyond the essay itself. 

So, while a music extended essay may be challenging, these challenges can lead to significant intellectual and personal growth.

The Potential of a Music Extended Essay

The possibilities for a music extended essay are as diverse as the music itself. 

music extended essay

I once guided a student interested in modern pop music, specifically in the songs of Billie Eilish. They decided to analyze the minimalistic production style in Eilish’s music, exploring how it contributes to the emotional depth of her songs. 

This topic allowed the student to combine their love for contemporary music with rigorous academic inquiry, culminating in an insightful exploration of a modern musical phenomenon.

In another instance, a student interested in the historical evolution of music decided to examine the impact of the British Invasion on American rock music in the 1960s. 

They studied bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, investigating how these bands influenced American rock music and how they were, in turn, influenced by it. Their research offered fascinating insights into a pivotal era in music history. 

This exemplifies the vast potential of a music extended essay to touch upon various themes and cater to diverse interests.

From an Extended Essay to a Career

The value of a music extended essay goes beyond the IB program; it can also help pave the way for future career opportunities. I’ve witnessed several students transform their extended essay topics into a driving force behind their professional pursuits.

One student I mentored wrote their extended essay on the use of traditional Andean instruments in contemporary Peruvian music. This investigation sparked a deep interest in music anthropology, leading them to pursue further studies in this field at university. They are currently working with a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving indigenous music traditions.

Another student wrote about the commercialization of K-pop and its impact on global music trends. This research piqued their interest in the business aspect of the music industry. After their IB, they went on to study music business and are now working for a renowned music label, contributing to artist development strategies.

Writing a music extended essay can serve as the first step towards a music-related career. Whether your interest lies in music production, music education, music journalism, or music therapy, the knowledge and skills you gain from your extended essay can serve as a solid foundation for your future.

Ready for the Music Extended Essay Challenge?

Taking the first steps with your music extended essay can feel intimidating. It’s okay to seek guidance along the way. Remember, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. There are experts ready to assist you through your IB journey.

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Choosing to write an extended essay on music is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your passion for the subject and your academic abilities. It’s a chance to make your unique voice heard. 

So, don’t hold back. Embrace the possibilities and let your love for music illuminate your academic path.

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