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Why Choose Philosophy for Your IB Extended Essay: An Experienced Tutor’s Perspective

philosophy extended essay

If I were to distill the essence of philosophy into a single phrase, it would be ‘the love of wisdom’. I have been engaged in IB tutoring and writing for several years, and my tryst with philosophy has convinced me that it is one of the most intellectually stimulating fields one can explore. But why should you consider the philosophy subject for your extended essay?

In my opinion, philosophy harnesses our innate human curiosity for understanding the world and ourselves, immersing us into probing queries on morality, existence, knowledge, reason, and human cognition. 

Opting for a philosophy extended essay sets you on a path of profound contemplation, allowing you to delve deeper than the conventional learning boundaries, and challenging your understanding of self, societal norms, and the world.

Is Philosophy Extended Essay Hard?

In my experience as a tutor, students frequently ask, “Is a philosophy extended essay hard?” The straightforward answer is, yes, it can be.

Philosophy is a discipline that demands a high level of intellectual engagement and critical thinking. However, the challenge that a philosophy extended essay presents is precisely what makes it such a unique and rewarding academic endeavor.

Let me illustrate this with an example. A student I guided through the IB program, let’s call her Emma, chose to explore the ethical implications of artificial intelligence in her philosophy extended essay. 

Initially, the enormity and complexity of the topic were daunting. Yet, as she delved deeper into her research, Emma found herself becoming adept at handling complex philosophical arguments and developing her viewpoints.

The process was undoubtedly challenging, but the reward was immense. By the end of her essay, Emma had honed her logical reasoning, research, and writing skills to a remarkable degree. 

She reported that the endeavor had enriched her understanding of herself and her perspective on the world. Today, she’s studying law, where her skills acquired during the extended essay process are proving invaluable.

So, to answer the question, a philosophy extended essay is challenging, but it’s a challenge worth taking. The process will empower you to grapple with complex ideas and build a robust intellectual foundation. 

These skills are not just academically useful – they are universally applicable, making the challenges faced in writing a philosophy extended essay an investment in your intellectual growth.

The Ideal Candidate for Philosophy Extended Essay?

Philosophy Extended Essay

In my observation, IB students choosing philosophy for their extended essay tend to be naturally inquisitive, unafraid of questioning established norms, comfortable with ambiguity, and appreciative of multiple perspectives. 

If you resonate with these qualities, you’re well-positioned to tackle a philosophy extended essay’s challenges and relish its rewards.

An extended essay in philosophy enables you to engage with philosophical texts that have shaped human consciousness, fostering your interpretations. It’s an enriching process, pushing you to analyze and understand influential ideas which have been the bedrock of human civilizations.

Pondering Life After Philosophy

When you choose philosophy as the subject for your extended essay, you’re not just making an academic decision; you’re investing in your future. In my experience, students who have grappled with philosophical ideas gain a set of versatile skills that become invaluable across a range of fields.

Beyond academia, the skills learned from studying philosophy are transferrable to various careers. Whether it’s law, business, journalism, education, psychology, or public policy, a background in philosophy can offer you a distinct advantage. 

The reason for this is that philosophy encourages a kind of critical thinking and ethical decision-making that is much sought after in the professional world. 

As a tutor and writer, I’ve seen former students use their philosophy skills to excel in their chosen fields.

However, perhaps the most significant advantage of writing a philosophy extended essay isn’t the potential career benefits but the personal growth it encourages. Philosophy teaches you to think deeply, to question, and to seek understanding. 

The skills you develop – critical thinking, logical argumentation, ethical reasoning, and clear communication – are valuable life skills. They will serve you well in both your personal and professional life, helping you to engage in informed decision-making and insightful discussions.

As you consider your future, I encourage you to view the philosophy extended essay as an opportunity for personal and intellectual development. It’s a chance to expand your worldview and equip yourself with skills that will benefit you long into the future. 

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Concluding Thoughts

In summary, a philosophy extended essay provides an exciting intellectual adventure, grappling with life’s profound questions, society, and the universe. It’s an endeavor as demanding as it is rewarding. However, the knowledge and skills you acquire make it a worthwhile journey.

If you find yourself intrigued by life’s big questions and relish intellectual challenges, choosing philosophy as your extended essay subject could be a decision you won’t regret.

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