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How Long Does it Take to Write an IB Extended Essay?

how long does it take to write an extended essay

The extended essay is a demanding piece of academic writing that has to be done by IB students together with other IB assignments. It requires extensive research, dedication, and creativity and can be time-consuming. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that affect the time it takes to write an extended essay, the typical timeline for completion, and tips and strategies for effective time management.

I have written this short read that will answer all the questions and should leave you out of all extended essay writing concerns. So, let’s begin.

Factors that Affect the Time it Takes to Write an Extended Essay

Let me begin by mentioning the fact that you better not leave your IB EE for the lasts days, because its quite a complicated task.

Below you will find the main aspects that may affect the time needed to complete your extended essay following the IB extended essay rubric and general IB criteria.

Important, we are not talking about all the stages before you actualy write your IB EE, like extended eessay proposal, or IB EE RPPF, etc. I’ll count only the actual time to write the essay.

Subject area and research topic ✅

The time it takes to write an extended essay can vary depending on the subject area and research topic. Some topics may require more research and analysis than others, making the writing process more time-consuming.

Depth of research required ✅

The depth of research required can also impact the time it takes to write an extended essay. An in-depth topic analysis can take a lot of time and effort, but it is necessary to ensure that the essay is comprehensive and well-supported.

Availability of resources ✅

Access to resources such as books, articles, and databases can impact the time it takes to write an extended essay. On the other hand, the limited availability of resources can make the research process longer and may require more time to locate and gather necessary sources. Hence, you must sort this out before selecting a suitable knowledge question.

Time management and planning ✅

Effective time management and planning are crucial for writing an extended essay. Poor time management can lead to procrastination, stress, and a rushed final product. Therefore, creating a schedule and breaking down the writing process into manageable tasks is vital.

Personal writing pace ✅

Everyone has a different writing pace, which can affect the time it takes to write an extended essay. Some students may write more quickly than others, which should be considered when planning the writing process.

Let’s move to the next part – the time needed to write an extended essay. And several suggestions from our IB experts to get all things sorted.

Timeframe for Writing an Extended Essay ⏳

Attempting to quantify the amount of time it takes to write an extended essay is a difficult feat. The process involves a multitude of factors, including the subject matter, depth of research required, personal writing pace, availability of resources, and time management strategies. 

Furthermore, each student brings their own unique approach to writing, which can significantly impact the time it takes to complete an extended essay. 

With that said, it’s imperative that students allow themselves sufficient time to engage in thorough research, writing, and revisions to produce a top-notch essay that meets the standards of IB.

What is the minimum time needed to complete the IB EE?

We think it is better to leave at least several weeks to complete the paper accordingly. But you can always count on us if you are out of time and have been procrastinating till the same deadline. We can get your EE done even if you have several days before submission.

Need help with your IB EE?

You can also use our extended essay writers team’s services if you need assistance selecting a topic. Furthermore, we can also help you write your IB extended essay from scratch or edit your draft following the IB criteria.

If you are lucky and still have enough time to complete it yourself, below, I’m sharing tips to get things sorted.

Typical timeline for completing an extended essay 

The timeline for writing an extended essay can vary depending on the individual and the topic, but a general timeline for completing an extended essay is typically three-six months. 

You can break it into such parts: 

  • research process;
  • planning;
  • outlining;
  • drafting;
  • revising;
  • finalizing the essay.

These are the basic steps that will help you write an extended essay within the provided deadline.

Tips for managing time effectively 

Effective time management is key to successfully completing an extended essay. Some tips for managing time effectively include creating a schedule, breaking down the writing process into manageable tasks, setting deadlines for each task, and prioritizing tasks based on their importance.

Strategies for staying on track 

Staying on track can be challenging, but there are strategies that can help. Some strategies include staying organized, avoiding procrastination, taking breaks when necessary, seeking feedback from others, and revising as necessary.

You can do it!

Writing an extended essay requires a significant amount of time and effort. Factors that can impact the time it takes to write an extended essay include the subject area and research topic, depth of research required, availability of resources, time management and planning, and personal writing pace. 

Effective time management and planning, along with other strategies for staying on track, can ensure that the writing process is manageable and the final product is of high quality. 

It is important to give yourself enough time to write an extended essay, and to prioritize the research and writing process to achieve the best possible outcome.

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