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Global Politics as Extended Essay Subject: A Guide for Students

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If you’re faced with choosing a topic for your extended essay, I recommend global politics. This subject is not only fascinating but also incredibly timely. It’s an area that I’ve studied extensively during my years in IB, and I’m excited to share some nuggets of wisdom with you. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Why Choose Global Politics as Your Extended Essay Subject?

Let me break it down for you based on my extensive experience with the IB curriculum and my love of politics.

The Importance of Global Politics

First and foremost, why is global politics such a riveting subject? Well, look around you! From international treaties to the policies shaping your neighborhood, this topic impacts every facet of your life. As someone who has worked with IB global politics, I know it’s a subject that will keep you hooked.

Advantages for IB Students

Moreover, IB students have a unique advantage here. The IB curriculum already strongly emphasizes critical thinking and real-world applications. Therefore, what better way to enhance those skills than by exploring a subject as dynamic as global politics? According to general IB criteria, it ranks highly among popular IB extended essay subjects.

Multidisciplinary Nature of the Subject

Another compelling reason is the broad scope of global politics. It encompasses governmental systems, policies, social issues, economics, ethics, and environmental sustainability. Here is a list of interdisciplinary areas you can explore:

  • Human Rights. How do international laws affect individual freedoms?
  • Economic Policies. What role do they play in international relations?
  • Environmental Policy. How do global decisions affect the health of our planet?
  • Cultural Diplomacy. How does culture affect diplomatic relations?
  • Cybersecurity. How is the political landscape adapting to technological advances?

Believe me, this subject is an academic multi-tool that allows you to look at issues from multiple angles.

Real-World Relevance

Finally, consider the applicability of this topic to everyday life. The relevance of global politics isn’t limited to textbooks; it reflects the complexity of your world. With an extended essay in this area, you’ll gain the tools to interpret current events, question media coverage, and make more informed decisions as a future voter or activist. You’ll find that the skills you develop can be applied immediately, making you a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen.

Combining these various elements makes it clear that global politics is more than an academic subject. It provides a framework for understanding real-world issues, making it an ideal choice for your IB extended essay.

The Core Components of an Extended Essay in Global Politics

If you’re considering an extended essay on global politics, it’s crucial to understand its core components.

Research Question

Now, let’s talk about constructing your research question. From my experience, the best essays start with a compelling research question. In the context of global politics, your question should strive to address current issues in a novel and thought-provoking way. The IB extended essay subject guide can offer excellent insights into formulating this.


There are a myriad of approaches you can adopt. Comparative case studies, policy analysis, or even discourse analysis are all avenues worth exploring. Nonetheless, ensure your methodology aligns with your research question.

Structuring Your Essay

Structurally, breaking down your essay into coherent sections and subsections is essential. Remember, clarity is critical, and it helps to adhere to IB extended essay subject areas to keep your work organized.

Topic Ideas for Global Politics Extended Essay

Choosing a topic for your extended global politics essay can be exciting and daunting. But don’t worry, I’m here to give you some inspiration.

Geopolitics and International Relations

Consider focusing on geopolitics or international relations if you need help with ideas. You could examine how trade wars influence international diplomacy or evaluate the impact of non-state actors on global politics. Ah, the possibilities are endless!

Social Movements and Political Change

Alternatively, social movements and their influence on political landscapes could make a compelling study. This is an excellent choice for your essay! I’ve often noticed that topics exploring the impact of social movements pique interest and are rich in academic material.

Human Rights and Global Policies

Finally, human rights can never go amiss in a discussion on global politics. Examining global policies surrounding human rights can provide a compelling and often sobering look at the state of our world.

Essential Research Resources: Enhance Your Global Politics Extended Essay

The research process can feel overwhelming, especially with the resources available. However, knowing where to look can significantly streamline your efforts. Based on what I’ve seen and learned, here’s how to find trustworthy information for a top-notch extended essay on global politics.

Online Platforms You Can Count On

Academic repositories are gold mines where you can find rigorously reviewed research papers, case studies, and articles that can provide solid evidence and viewpoints for your IB global politics extended essay. In my many years of writing on IB topics, these repositories have been indispensable for gathering credible information:

  • JSTOR. This is your go-to for peer-reviewed articles across multiple disciplines, not just global politics.
  • Google Scholar. Easily accessible and comprehensive, it’s an excellent starting point for scholarly articles, theses, and papers.
  • PubMed. While its focus leans toward medical sciences, it offers interdisciplinary studies on political subjects.

Credible news outlets offer facts and nuanced analysis that clarifies the complexities of global politics. These analyses can serve as real-world case studies that add depth and context to your extended essay:

  • The Guardian. A reputable source that consistently offers high-quality, in-depth journalism on global affairs.
  • BBC News. For balanced perspectives on worldwide political happenings, BBC is a reliable choice.
  • Reuters. Comprehensive and unbiased, it’s a resource that can broaden your understanding of global politics.
You must cite your sources in accordance with the general IB criteria in the extended essay on global politics.

The websites of international organizations are invaluable for accessing primary data and official reports that add a layer of authenticity to your extended essay. In my experience, these sites offer comprehensive insights into policy decisions, international laws, and diplomatic initiatives that are key to understanding global politics:

  • United Nations. Excellent for publications and data sets, particularly those about international affairs.
  • World Bank. In-depth studies on socio-economic policies can enrich your paper.
  • European Union Portal. Access to policies, treaties, and reports crucial to understanding European and global politics.

Ensure you assess your sources’ reliability before relying on them too heavily.

Physical Publications That Make a Difference

In my experience, required reading provides you with a deep understanding of the theories and concepts of global politics that can serve as the backbone of your extended essay. These seminal works help you connect the dots between historical events, ideologies, and current global challenges, enriching your argument and perspective:

Academic journals are peer-reviewed publications that offer in-depth, rigorously researched articles. According to the IB’s general criteria, citing reputable journals in your extended essay can significantly enhance its academic credibility and demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of various facets of global politics:

  • Foreign Affairs. This is a prestigious journal that discusses international relations and U.S. foreign policy.
  • International Security. A trusted source for matters related to both international and national security.
  • World Politics. This journal offers insight into various subjects, including state policies and global financial systems.

An academic library can offer you resources with a level of detail that online articles may lack.

Need help with your IB extended essay?

From research and analysis to structuring and editing, our skilled mentors will be by your side, helping you craft an exceptional extended essay that not only meets the wordcount and stringent IB criteria but also reflects your passion for selected IB group.

So, here’s your comprehensive list to guide your research for your extended essay on IB global politics. Picking the right resources can make the writing process easier and more insightful. With this list in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to crafting an impactful extended essay. Happy researching!

Tips for Successful Extended Essay Writing

With your topic and research-ready, how can you craft an outstanding extended essay on global politics? As a seasoned IB writer, I’ve compiled some vital tips that can set you on the path to success. Let’s get to it!

Planning and Time Management

One word: plan. As I know, time management can make or break your extended essay experience. Draft a timeline and stick to it as much as possible.

Formatting and Citations

Lastly, pay heed to the nitty-gritty details like formatting and citations. You don’t want to lose valuable marks for something so easily avoidable, do you? Trust me, according to general IB criteria, these details matter.

Create an Outline

A well-thought-out outline is your guide to creating a logically structured essay. It’s a tool that organizes your ideas and helps your argument flow seamlessly from the introduction to the conclusion.

Don’t Skimp on Proofreading

Finally, I always appreciate the power of careful proofreading. Spelling and grammatical errors can undermine your argument, so aim for a flawless final draft.


So, global politics matters because it shapes the world around us. It offers an avenue for inquiry that is both profoundly enriching and utterly relevant.

If you’re on the fence, take the plunge. From my experience, you won’t regret opting for global politics as your extended essay subject. As the saying goes, well begun is half done. So, why wait? Start now and make global politics your area of expertise in the IB world.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck on your academic path in IB DP global politics and beyond!

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